About me


I am Dr Alex Wilde, a medical writer since 2000, with a flair for scientific writing and knowledge across a broad range of therapeutic areas.

With a background in both academic medicine and health journalism, I am able to synthesise complex scientific data into audience-ready publishable   material to a high standard.

Whether you need evidence-based technical reports, manuscripts or case studies for a specialist medical audience or a consumer health piece or patient information, I can deliver completed high quality projects to suit your brief.

Why work with me?

Skills and experience

  • 20+ years of medical writing experience
  • Dedication to evidence-based science and medicine
  • Skilled and knowledgablein medical statistics
  • Experienced in quantitative and qualitative scientific methodology
  • Knowledge of clinical guidelines
  • Published in peer-reviewed medical journals
  • Peer reviewer for medical  journals
  • A diverse portfolio of local and international clients


  • Strong professional ethics
  • Friendly and reliable
  • Open communication
  • A passion for writing from concept to production
  • Adhere to international scientific standards


  • Competitive industry rates
  • Loyalty discounts
  • No job too small


  • Bachelor of Science (Biology/Ecology) from the University of East Anglia, UK; Master of Journalism from the University of Technology, Sydney; PhD in Psychiatry from the University of New South Wales, Sydney
  • Post doctoral research experience in medicine
  • Advisory board member for the Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association
  • Member of local and international medical writing associations


  • University of New South Wales Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence 2011. Awarded to acknowledge excellence in postdoctoral achievements.
  • University of New South WalesMcConaghy Prize in Psychiatry 2008.
    Awarded for excellence in postgraduate research in Psychiatry.
  • National Press Club of Australia Excellence in Health Journalism Award 2005.
    Awarded for a series of articles on topical issues in mental health and the voices of people with a lived experience, published in the Sydney Morning Herald Health and Science section.

Life philosophy

  • Strong advocate of public health
  • When I am not writing, you will find me in the surf, the ocean and the lakes.
  • I love snorkelling, paddle boarding and being in nature
  • I am working towards training my clever labradoodle dog as a therapy dog to visit people in hospitals and aged care facilities as a volunteer


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